New ostomy

29 06 2010

Most of my friends had never heard of an ostomy when it came time for me to get one.

I had never met anyone with an ostomy before, and I had no idea how to even visualize it.  Would it smell? Would I be constantly aware of it?

The thing is, you are comfortable with your body. At least to a point. You’ve seen yourself naked before. But when you have an ostomy, you’re never really naked unless you take your bag off (which I prefer not to do- it can get messy!)

The first couple of times I took a shower or changed my clothes I could barely look at myself because it was just so weird. It’s weird having something permanently on your body!

But after a while, I noticed it less and less. Now it doesn’t bother me. At all. I mean, occasionally I’ll look at myself in the mirror and think, “What would I look like WITHOUT this?” but my life has changed so much that I can’t get caught up on how I look.

Now, I just ordered a pouch cover TODAY! I’ve had my ostomy for over a year. I ordered  THIS and will let you know how I like it!

When I first got out of the hospital I only had clear bags. For a while it made sense while my body was adjusting because I didn’t know what to look for and doctors kept asking me what my output looked like. But really? I don’t want to look at my crap all the time! Now I use an opaque bag, which is much better. My only problem is it’s kind of loud- sometimes it sounds like there is a plastic grocery bag stuffed in my pants. Kind of awkward? I’m hoping this pouch cover will muffle noise. If I like it I’ll make my own pattern to sew my own- there are so many fabric choices out there and most covers look like they are made for old people or two-year-olds.

The other big thing that helped with my ostomy was the right kind of underwear. Sounds crazy! But at first, the weight of the bag when it fills pulled on my belly, especially when I was sore right after surgery. This underwear has like a pocket in it which a) flattens your bag so it’s hidden well and b) supports it so the wear time on each wafer like, doubled for me. My all-time favorite underwear is here; it is super comfortable, actually looks cute, and works so well. Check out links to Vanilla Blush and Ostomy Secrets under my link section for tons of cute/reasonable options that increase comfort so much!

Basically ostomies are horrifying when you first start, but there are so many options out there that you can really embrace your body for the way that it is- bag and all!




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