1 07 2010

I had my surgery a year ago in February-  it’s almost a year and a half old already! I went on a trip to Ireland in May, just 3 months after getting my ostomy.

This trip was wonderful. I’ve always struggled with Crohn’s and have never been able to leave the country because I was afraid of getting sick or having accidents and not knowing where to go or what to do. Now that I have my ostomy I was able to take a bus all over the country, stay in hostels, even go on hikes (I am not outdoorsy…).

My favorite part of the trip was when the guy who owned our hostel told us that it was an easy walk/hike to the cliffs and he drew us a map. He recommended not walking on the road because you can get better pictures if you walk by the coast. So, four hours later, we are STILL walking through mud and we are just basically lost. We find ourselves in this area with ELECTRIC FENCES- we just hit someone’s farm! Our only option was to army crawl under the fences, run through a cow pen, and climb another fence to get to the road. At which point… we still had to walk an hour to get to the cliffs!

Luckily everything was beautiful and we were able to get a cab to drive us back to our hostel, but none of this could have happened without my surgery! So I just wanted to take a second today to thank my ostomy for giving me the chance to get lost in the gorgeous Irish countryside.




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