Friends are Fabulous

3 07 2010

Yesterday I found myself in Chinatown in a little restaurant. My friends and I sat around a table covered with plates and plates of food. I’m not sure what I was eating, but I clumsily used those plastic chopsticks to spear all sorts of things I’ve never seen before. All of it was delicious.

My friend ordered everything for us and plates kept showing up. We got more and more full and a waitress would show up with steamed shrimp dumplings or deep fried tofu that melts in your mouth.

Over all this food, my friends started to ask me questions. I am blessed to have friends in my life that are supportive and comfortable asking me about my disease and my ostomy. So while we completely stuffed ourselves, something completely beautiful happened. People who weren’t familiar with ostomies and Crohn’s disease asked questions and learned. They can now tell other people and spread the word that ostomies aren’t that bad. They can tell the world that ostomies are life-saving, life-changing, medical miracle devices that gave their friend her life back.

Never underestimate the power of a friend. Never underestimate the power of advocacy in small ways. Little conversations make big impressions, and we ostomates can use all the good word of mouth we can get!

Take a step and try to have a conversation with someone you love!




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