Movies, take 3! Action!

3 07 2010

I am, and always have been, a HUGE action movie fan. I watch just as many, if not more action movies as I do chick flicks. Watch out world! A girl that likes explosions!

Most of the appeal to me is when action movies head toward the cheesy side of the fence. Probably my favorite is Die Hard. My cars have been named Bruce (as in Willis) and John (as in McClane) because of how much I love this movie. You really don’t get much more bad-ass than walking on broken glass barefoot, and there are some amazing one-liners and comic relief in here. Check it out!

I also love CON AIR. Really, I love Nicolas Cage, but especially with his bad hair, bad accent, and the ridiculously bad premise, this movie can’t go wrong. Add in roles played by John Cusack and John Malcovich and this one is a no brainer! Also includes the best plane crash in movie history.

Some runner ups are THE BOURNE IDENTITY, THE ITALIAN JOB (almost action??), and RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK.

The moral of this story? When you’re sick and stuck on the couch, check out one of these movies. It’s not like you can feasibly do any of these stunts anyway, so you may as well sit back and revel in the glory. And hey, thank goodness you aren’t trapped in a plane full of convicts waiting for your insulin. See? Life can always be worse!




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