Job Woes

7 07 2010

So I’ve been kind of suffering with my Crohn’s lately. I don’t have the energy that I want to have and it kills me! It’s also summer and I get instantly dehydrated when I venture outside, so between the two issues I am stuck lolling around my house, doing absolutely nothing.

I recently graduated from college and am looking for a job… a REAL WORLD kind of job, a career kind of job. Unfortunately…. the economy is terrible and is none-too-forgiving to new graduates.

I have wanted to teach my whole life, and I’ve applied to over fifty districts by now looking for work. I haven’t heard back anywhere yet, which is disheartening. But what really kills me is this:

The other day a friend asked me tentatively, “Are you sure you want to teach? Are you sure you have the energy? Maybe you should look into something else…” (I have thought this quietly to myself but have never had the ability to say it out loud… I was afraid to give the thought any power!)

This is one of my greatest fears. I am terrified I am too sick to hold down a job, especially one as energy-sapping as teaching. I am praying to find a treatment that will give me the will to be me again, but until then, this is my biggest fear.

Have any of you struggled with this? What have you found out? Send good thoughts my way, as this has been on my mind a lot lately!




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