Road Trip!

10 07 2010

Over the next few days I’m heading on a road trip to visit people from college that I haven’t seen in a while. That got me thinking on a few things:

1. Pre-ostomy, road trips SUCKED. I could never eat before a trip in case I got sick, and I had to choose routes where bathrooms are easily accessible. Now, I can eat breakfast, stop for something on the road, take whatever route I want, and skip the more unsavory bathrooms- because I can wait! (except when I drink too much pop… I have a very tiny bladder…)

2. I have a friend who always packs snacks for her trips. I’ve decided to give that a go this time. I’m going to pack a little cooler with Pedialyte and bottles of Diet Coke to keep me caffeinated and hydrated. I’m also going to pick up some granola bars, maybe some grapes, and crackers to keep my blood sugar up. Maybe even a couple of V-8s for emergencies… even though I HATE them.

3. Last summer I bought a seatbelt cover for my ostomy. It sounds like a waste of money- it velcros on and is just two foam pieces with a space in between. That’s obviously where my stoma fits. This makes car trips SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE! Otherwise the seatbelt hits right on my stoma and when my bag starts to fill it gets irritating, plus if I ever got in an accident it would help protect my stoma a little more. Definitely check those out!

So tell me- what do you bring on road trips? Do you have any favorite rest stops? (Not a crazy question… mine is the Welcome to Michigan rest stop after crossing the Indiana border!) Any other tips or tricks?




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