Go with your gut. At least, what’s left of it.

15 07 2010

For the past year, I’ve been getting this weird rash every time I get a shot, injection, or an IV. Doctors have told me that it’s contact dermatitis, but that’s when they run out of thoughts. I’ve asked repeatedly if it could be the alcohol swabs I’m allergic to but I get the same response every time:

Oh, that’s very rare. That couldn’t possibly be what’s going on!

They say it in that tone like, oh silly little girl, it’s cute that you think these things! The thing is, I’ve done my research. I’ve gone through a couple of medical journals and found articles about people allergic to alcohol swabs and they describe symptoms the same as the ones I  have.

I finally got tired of it and I’ve been asking people at blood draws and for shots to use a different disinfectant and guess what? The rash is GONE.

Lesson here? I’m definitely one of those people who listens to my doctor. They have way more training than I do, and in most cases they are right. But sometimes, you get that gut feeling that something is wrong or that you know what’s going on and doctors don’t want to listen. Nothing I have medically is normal, so I don’t know why it’s so crazy to think that I have a rare allergy on top of it all! Make sure you stick to your guns sometimes… you might be right. Disclaimer: what I mean by this is don’t give up when you know something is wrong. Don’t take matters into your own hands- this can be super dangerous-usually you can find a doctor that will work with you. I just have to find the right allergist now and I’m golden! Maybe I’ll go back to this doctor and show her my evidence.

Hope all your days are non-itchy and full of good surprises~




One response

1 08 2010

Number one thing I’ve learned as a nurse? Speak up, because medicine is more art than science. Doctors are sometimes wrong. Just because they’ve never seen it doesn’t mean it can’t happen.
And hurray for no more rashes!

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