I’m tired. Really?

16 07 2010

I want to clear something up for people who don’t have a chronic disease.

Sometimes, I don’t hang out with you, I cancel plans with you, and it will seem like the best excuse I have is, “I’m tired.” You are all way too nice to say something to me directly, but I’m sure sometimes you have to be thinking, “Really??”

When I say I’m tired, I don’t mean sleepy. It’s much harder to explain than that. It’s like all my bones have turned into concrete and it will take all my energy to put one foot in front of the other. It’s like at the same time, all my limbs are made of jelly and won’t hold my weight.

Sitting up gives me a headache. Holding my head up literally takes too much energy.

I spend all day in bed.

I watch a lot of tv, which makes it seem like I’m completely lazy. Which, I’m not disputing, I can be! But that’s not why I’m laying in bed for hours and hours.

There are probably people in your life who feel this way sometimes. Like, if someone has surgery and feels tired for a few days after.

Once in high school, a friend of mine’s appendix burst while waiting for surgery. She had a more major surgery than they were expecting and came back to school with a cane. She looked at me and said, “I think I understand how you feel now.”




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