18 07 2010

We just finished the hottest June ever recorded (see CNN!).

This means, for me and many ostomates, that dehydration is inevitable. Being dehydrated kind of sucks guys. Here are some ways that I’ve found to avoid it!

1. Stay in air conditioning. Luckily, I’m one of those pasty looking nerdy people who doesn’t like to go outside anyway.

2. Drink Pedialyte. Yes, it’s nasty. I make a Pedialyte “cocktail” with a ton of ice and a splash of cranberry juice. Drink with a straw and pretend it tastes as good as it looks!

3. Drink V-8. Tons of sodium and potassium gives back some of the electrolytes you’ve lost. You can pretend it’s a bloody mary if it makes you feel better about drinking it.

4. This is my favorite. Wear shorts and a tank top. Turn on the air conditioning. Lay on the bed with a fan turned up to high pointed directly at you while drinking gallons of frosty cold iced tea. Extra good with a little fresh mint in there! This technique works especially well when there is a marathon of something brainless on tv. I recommend America’s Next Top Model or Top Chef, or if you’re lucky Law and Order (one of them) or House.

Good luck staying hydrated!




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