21 07 2010

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s in 1998 and today I was thinking about all the songs from the 90’s. Actually, I was jamming out to Spice Girls to be totally honest. In honor of the 90’s and bad music in general, here are my favorite songs of 1998. Drumroll please!

Miami- Will Smith.

I don’t actually love this song except for the only part that I know, the welcome to Miami Bienvenidos a Miami part. Check out the youtube video yourself:

Next we have I Want You Back- N’Sync.

I was never really into boy bands too much, but the people in my school were totally into N’Sync. I remember people bringing the fan magazines to school and all the little groups of girls would decide who they liked the best in the band and it was a BIG DEAL. Now every time I hear this song I feel like I’m standing in the hallway in 6th grade watching people fight over Justin Timberlake all over again.

One Week- Barenaked Ladies

This song never gets old. I only wish I could figure out all the words so I could sing it constantly and make everyone around me jealous.

And even though all of the Spice Girls cds came out in 1997, the MOVIE came out in 1998! Trailer below!




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