Ostomy Discriminator- I used to be one!

22 07 2010

I think I used to discriminate against ostomies.

I used to say to people, well, my Crohn’s is bad, but it’s not THAT bad. I might need surgery someday, but never THAT surgery. At least I won’t be one of those people! Phew!

When I was younger, I went to a camp for kids with IBD. One year there was another kid there with an ostomy. Probably there were several kids, but my friends and I only knew about this kid. I remember having conversations about him. We felt BAD for him. We did that thing where we whispered about how horrible he had it and how we felt so bad but secretly we were just glad it wasn’t us.

This, my friends, was all a case of misinformation.

That kid? He had energy. He was probably one of the healthiest kids at camp. Did we notice that? Of course not. We were just scared that someday that would happen to us. And it did, to me at least.

People need to understand this. They need to get that ostomies aren’t the end of the world! I honestly thought they were for a DECADE. I have had Crohn’s disease for 12 years and an ostomy for just a year and a half. I only wish I have had it longer.

This Sunday is ostomy awareness day. I think you should think about telling someone that ostomies aren’t that bad. I think you should tell someone that they save lives. That they give millions of people their social lives back. I think you should help me and other people with ostomies appreciate what we have.

And I think that you need to be careful. Discrimination comes in many different forms. I used to discriminate against people like me because of simple fear. Because I was afraid it would happen to me. And look at me now! How often do we cover discrimination with pity?

Don’t feel bad for me, because of my disease or because of my ostomy. Instead, get the facts. Really learn what’s going on before you pity. Yeah, things suck sometimes! It’s ok to just tell me they suck! You don’t need to send me the overpowering get well cards- I like the joke ones MUCH better.




3 responses

23 07 2010
Piper Lee

I feel the exact same way. Most of the time I was sick, there was a little inkling in the back of my mind that this surgery was a possibility eventually, but I think I was very much in denial. One of those “it could never happen to me” things. I especially never thought I would ever, EVER have this surgery this young. But now, I feel like you do when you say “I only wish I have had it longer.” I no longer feel like sleeping all day, no longer have to run to the bathrooms 15 times a day, and no longer am in so much pain I can’t stand up straight in the mornings! The ostomy is definitely a positive for me!

23 07 2010

Oh my gosh I love your blog. How did you get pictures of your colon??? That is amazing! I wanted to keep mine in a jar… but it seemed a little much 🙂

Thanks so much for your comment! I’m glad you came across my blog!

23 07 2010

i’m excited for osty bag day!!

goooo osty bags!!

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