My stomach farted!

23 07 2010

I have had my ostomy for a year and a half now. A week after my surgery I had a major blockage which landed me in the hospital for another two and a half weeks. Once my system started moving again my stoma started seriously farting. There was no other word for it. It was incredibly loud and would have been so embarrassing if we all weren’t so excited that my system was working again. Every time it would shoot out gas I would say, “MY STOMACH FARTED!!!” and we would all like, clap and get all happy! It shot off so much gas that my bag would literally fill up like a balloon and I would be afraid that it would just pop.

A year and a half later, I don’t have that much gas anymore. Still though, every time I do (even if it’s not audible to the people around me) I find myself yelling, “MY STOMACH FARTED!”

My dad asked me if I was ever going to stop doing that.




One response

25 07 2010

Hi Melissa- your Dad passed along your blog info since we all ask about you at work…. so I’ve been thinking about you and was just reading your story… so in response to this post … I must tell you…
My Mother always said…. with her English accent…. When you excuse yourself, never excuse yourself in a voice louder than what you are excusing yourself for doing.” In other words…. if you burp a short quiet burp…. then your “excuse me should be a soft quick… “excuse me” but if it is a long loud burp… then an long loud EXCUSE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! would be necessary… HA hahhaaaaa… PS… this is my first time blogging!

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