24 07 2010

Ensure really grosses me out. I only drink the chocolate ones… can someone advise me on strawberry/vanilla? Has anyone ever frozen these things to make nasty ice cream/popsicles? Would this be preferable? Should I just shut up and drink them? Why don’t they taste like a milk shake? What is that weird aftertaste anyway? Has anyone ever figured out what they do to put all that nutrition in such a tiny bottle?

I’m pretty sure there’s a conspiracy going on here.

Here’s the recipe I’m pretty sure they use:

1 cup dirt (someone gave me a book once about how dirt and germs are supposed to cure Crohn’s)

3 cups crushed adrenaline glands (for a KICK)

56.78 vitamin tablets, pureed with fish oil

16 chocolate chips

6 oz soy milk (it is lactose free)

preservatives, food coloring, and ‘added flavors”

a pinch of eye of newt, for that extra zing




One response

25 07 2010
Alyssa Zeldenrust

Ensure is disgusting. I think you figured out the recipe. Dirt is definitely involved. Look up Suplimed and see what you think. Personally, I think it’s much more tolerable. You shouldn’t be stuck drinking garbage. Just keep trying new things until you find something decent!

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