27 07 2010

I had my first real person interview yesterday. A few things I noticed:

1. With Crohn’s disease and no ostomy, I would have ended up in the bathroom many times getting sick before my interview. I used to have to run to the bathroom whenever I got nervous.

In high school, we took the PSATs, which was just for practice, but I ended up getting so nervous that I had to leave for the bathroom and wasn’t allowed back in. Meaning, I didn’t finish the test. That sucked because doing well on that test would have qualified me for scholarships

2. I was also nervous because my interview was in the morning, which is when my stoma farts the most! Luckily, I didn’t have any problems with it. I worry about that, but everyone tells me it just sounds like my stomach is growling. Hmmm… who knows!

3. I DIDN’T FIGURE OUT WHEN I KNOW IF I GOT THE JOB. This drives me crazy! Hopefully I figure it out soon, because not knowing stresses me out!

Just a note. Getting “sick” is shorthand for people with Crohn’s. I don’t mean that I was throwing up. I mean that I had to go to the bathroom… NOW. Or else have an accident.




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