Brewery Tour

30 07 2010

Today I went with my parents on a tour of the Goose Island Brewery… which was pretty awesome.

There were samples to taste, mingling with the beer heads, picking up lingo, and then we got a tour of the brewery itself.

Dun dun dun! Apparently a bad plan!

At one point on the tour, we reached a room that was 100 degrees and humid. I started feeling like passing out so we got out of there. For some reason, when I get really too hot, I start to have to puke. So in the brewery in the middle of these tours and this big event, I start to PUKE. Luckily my dad had an empty plastic glass and luckily I’m a savvy puker and I managed to somewhat surreptitiously fill the cup up with regurgitated beer (not the first time I’ve puked in a cup my dad has handed me… let’s just say I stay away from tire swings!)

Anyway, what I’m saying is, if you have Crohn’s, be careful of hanging out in hot and humid environments.

We have decided that this is the second most public place I have thrown up in. Here’s the list:

1. Woodfield Mall trash can on Halloween with kids trick or treating all around us

2. Brewery tour

3. Craft show trash can (they tried to kick me out!)

4. Sidewalk outside of Mayo Clinic.

5. Storm drain outside 84 East restaurant

I don’t enjoy throwing up. Between the Crohn’s and the ostomy I can’t avoid it. But maybe I can stop now, because apparently I have a top five thing going??




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