Ostomy Party!!

1 08 2010

Today friends, was something SPECIAL.

It was the first ever celebration of Ostomy Awareness Day! Yes, it was a week late. Cut me some slack! We had food, prizes, goody bags, and just general fun and merriment! Check out our celebration!

Here we have the famous red velvet STOMA CAKE! Tasty…

Om nom nom...

Next we played PIN THE BAG ON THE STOMA! Here we have pictures of the bags, the stoma target, and our WINNER! He received a FANTASTIC certificate!

These are headed to destination... stoma!

Stay on target... Stay on target!!

And the winner is!!!!!!!

Here’s a picture of the certificate that he received!

Certificate of Good Aim

Next we had another competition. The competitors each received an outline of an ostomy bag and were given colored pencils. The participants designed their bags and then we all voted on the winner. Here are the designs:

The Winning Bag Design!

The Osty Rocket!

Go Italy??

The circle of life...


Our winner received a Certificate of Amazingness! Check it out!

Certificate of Amazingness

Our Winner!!

Next, we all modeled our designs… and everyone went home with a goody bag.

Modeling our designs...

Goody Bags! Yum!

Obviously we are counting down the days until next year’s party. Man, what a shindig! πŸ™‚




3 responses

2 08 2010


8 08 2010

Saw your post about your party on the UOAA board. Looks like so much fun! Great attitude!


14 08 2010

Thank you! The party was a blast. I’m already planning games for next year πŸ™‚

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