2 08 2010

So I had this shindig yesterday. An ostomy party. And I was the only one there with an ostomy.

My friends came, we had fun, and now on their facebooks they have pictures and statuses about ostomies and ostomy parties and how cool it all is.

Advocacy doesn’t have to be big, mind-blowing, expensive, tour-the-talk-show-circuit, write letters to the president kinds of things. Sometimes it’s as simple as a red velvet cake.

If the government tells you about ostomies, you are more likely to blow it off. But if a friend of yours is talking about how amazing an ostomy has been for a friend, you’re going to listen. I think the most effective advocacy comes from the grass roots, friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend places.

So get ready party animals. Next year we will have a rematch of pin-the-bag-on-the-stoma, and I won’t fail so much then. I’ll practice! Wait… why did the only person with an ostomy fail the most??




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