Things I learned at Camp.

14 08 2010

1. Asking, “Crohn’s or colitis?” is a GREAT icebreaker.

2. After getting five thousand mosquito bites, you totally don’t feel them anymore.

3. Camp songs are more fun than I anticipated. And involve more jumping. (heya heya heya heya heya heya….)

4. Water is a delightful beverage.

5. With one air conditioned building, you learn to appreciate modern marvels in 90+ degrees.

6. Naming the mouse that lives in the wall of your cabin next to your bed makes it less creepy.

7. The smiles of kids tubing (or ziplining or climbing) for the first time makes copious sweating and showering with shoes on worth it.

8. “Party” is code for “dance.”

9. A week is plenty of time to form friendships that will last for years to come.

10. A shared disease can unite people instantly from different cultures, religions, races, genders, and generations. A disease can create an instant community unlike any I have ever seen. A disease can be a force of real good.




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