22 08 2010

I make a lot of poop jokes.

When I went to camp, I continued making jokes. Mostly about my ostomy. They’re funny, I swear. But people with Crohn’s laugh less than anyone else. Why? Because they are terrified that they are going to be me someday.

Sometimes when I’m driving I look at people in other cars and try to imagine what their life is like. I spend so much time thinking about my life. The life of my friends. How they interact. It’s hard to imagine what that person next to me is thinking, feeling. What they are afraid of. What music they listen to.

I forget sometimes how LUCKY I am. I have a wonderful family who support me no matter what I do. I have friends who have been with me through every surgery, every sick day, every skipped class, every belly laugh. I have a brother that I love and actually get along with. I have dogs that make me smile. I have a JOB. I can go outside and see the sun and take a walk.

Today I made raspberry scones with fresh picked raspberries. They are beautiful. They taste kind of like heaven.

I hope the person in the car next to mine likes scones. I hope that people can enjoy the jokes in life without being terrified that it will happen to them.




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