27 08 2010

Gross story ahead. Seriously, if you aren’t ok with stories about poop or don’t think poop jokes are funny, you don’t need to read this. I understand 🙂

So I had to change my bag. If you don’t have an ostomy this is a really weird concept. You look at your intestine and everything in this process, and I think it’s weirder to see my belly with the intestine sticking out than how I normally see it, with the bag attached. This is something that at first I was terrified to do wrong, but now I don’t even think about it and it takes me like, five minutes to do.

Anyway usually I have it down to an art where I have a good idea if my belly is going to start shooting crap out or not so I don’t have a big issue anymore with having a geyser shoot out of my stoma. The other day though cracked me up.

I was changing and all of a sudden a little piece of something projectile shot out of my stoma into the air and without thinking about it at all I just reached out and caught it. DISGUSTING. But that way I didn’t need to clorox my entire life to clean up, so bonus!

Basically, anything can become your new normal. Yes, this was super gross. Do I want to do this again? No thanks, I’m good. But it sure beats the hell out of pooping my pants on a regular basis. For one thing, it’s far easier to clean up!




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