3 09 2010

This has the beginnings of a glorious weekend.

1. I had a doctor appointment today, and for the first time in about seven months, things are checking out! I don’t need to go back for six whole weeks!

2. A wonderful friend from college came to visit today to watch CAMP ROCK 2: FINAL JAM. I am lucky to have friends that share my disney habit.

3. Tomorrow is Septemberfest. I haven’t been to Septemberfest in five years because I’ve been away at college! I’m pretty excited to go enjoy the carnival and food and craft show… of course, after an hour or two I’ll be dying to leave, but I want my fix.

4. An epic poker game is coming up tomorrow night. By epic, I mean we all put in five dollars and nobody judges my skills. Also, it is epically fun.

5. Monday is a day off!

What can be better than that??




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