5 09 2010

I am an incredibly lucky person.

Not many people are blessed with the kind of family I have. Friends come over and hang out with my whole family, not just be.

My mom is the person that I fight with the most. Sometimes she can drive me crazy. But my mom loves me SO much and she always lets me know that. She looks out for me. She makes sure I am safe and happy. When I’m sick, the person that I need most is my mom. She makes me tea and brings me toast and stays with me when I’m puking my guts out.

My dad is equally amazing. I have inherited my fantastic sense of humor from him. He challenges me to grow and learn and stay passionate about my life. It would be far too easy for me to hang back and rest on my laurels without someone pushing me to be more.

On top of all of that, I have a brother that I actually LIKE. He will watch Boy Meets World with me when I ask him to. Every year we watch shark week together. He misses me when I go to college and we make time for each other. My brother and I know each other better and get along better than any other siblings I know. He is a pretty awesome guy.

I’m telling you all this because everybody goes through rough times in life. You may not have the health issues that I have, but there are far worse things than Crohn’s disease. I think the thing that keeps me going is having people in my life that love me and support me.

Who do you have in your life? Who makes up your family?




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