13 09 2010

I’m due for my shot tomorrow.

Right before shot time it’s like things slow down for me. I start to lose energy. The fevers start creeping in.

I’m lucky in that none of this is debilitating. And that it only lasts for a day or two as opposed to the two weeks of debilitating fevers, weakness, weight loss, and vomiting that I was having before I switched my doses around. But still? I’d be ok with all that going away.

I’m taking it easy today. I work a couple of hours tonight, but right now I finished a good book and I’m eating a late lunch. I’m spending my day talking to my dogs like they understand me and drinking big glasses of unsweetened iced tea.

Life could definitely be worse. I’m not sure I have a right to complain.

A friend called me last night to ask what would happen if my Cimzia stopped working. He got really freaked out when I told him that there aren’t really any other meds to go if this stops working.

So I’m here to tell you! Raise awareness! Crohn’s disease sucks and it’s worse for other people than it is for me. If people talk about it and it’s in the public consciousness, that translates to more research money, which in turn translates to more and better treatments.

Go for the gold guys!




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