Beef… it’s what’s for dinner.

19 09 2010

How is beef spelled in French? Bouf? Something like that?

For some reason beef is one thing that my post-ostomy system does not like too much. Why? I have no idea.

I normally don’t have a problem with this. I like turkey burgers just as much if not more than regular burgers, and other than the occasional steak I’m not a huge red meat person.

But the last week I have been craving beef like nobody’s business. I can’t figure it out. Two days in a row last week I had a burger, I had one for lunch yesterday and again today. And my stomach hasn’t killed me yet, so I’m ok so far.

I think the body naturally craves things that it needs. I take vitamins and an iron supplement, what else can I be missing? My blood work is good, I’m taking my meds. True unsolved mystery!

And FYI: of all those burgers, the one my dad just made was the best. Holy cow, burger heaven!




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