Where have I been?

5 10 2010

I haven’t been good about updating.

I don’t have terribly good excuses either. So here goes, a general update about what I’ve been doing other than updating.

-I’m organizing a couple of fundraisers. One thing I’m doing is a raffle so I’m going to businesses in the area looking for prize donations. So far, not much. But I’m pretty positive about the whole thing!

-Working. Part-time. Also working on picking up some babysitting gigs. Did you realize that babysitting is exhausting? Yeah, I didn’t either!

-Stayin busy. I’m the type of person that too easily falls into sitting around the house all day. Then I’ll get depressed because I’m sitting around. This is a fail that I’m trying to not repeat.

-Planning a trip this weekend to the old alma mater. Going to have a relaxing weekend, catch up with people. It’ll be good.

The other thing I’m looking into at the end of the month is going to a CCFA crohn’s support group. I’ve never been to a support group before, so I’m pretty interested. I know that a lot of people build really great networks through meetings like this. We’ll see!

That’s about all for now. I’ll try not to be a stranger.




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