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11 10 2010

I love feeling better, and I know that I feel better because of my ostomy. Therefore, I love my ostomy.

Sometimes if I think about it too much, I get weirded out still.

While at camp I met someone who had an ostomy and had it reversed. She showed me the tiny scar it left.

I’ll never have a scar like that.

It’s weird to think that this bag will be here for literally the rest of my life. That one surgery has changed the way my body works forever.

I’ve already forgotten how it feels to have to run to the bathroom. Although that’s a good thing, it still feels… weird.

I will never have to sneak a book in the bathroom again.

But I will never have a bare belly either.





2 responses

7 02 2011

Sorry I’m like stalking your blog and going comment crazy…but

I hope to have my ostomy reversed later this year.

I have GIANT scars. So I will never be bearing my belly again either. We make choices sometimes. But I still get jealous of the people who got through all this will tiny Lapro scars, no stretch marks, and beautiful bikini bodies. That is a hard thing for me to get through, esp since I am literally working my ass off right now to lose weight before my next surgery.

8 02 2011

i like your stalking. and your commenting 🙂 keep it up!

scars are weird things. sometimes you want to hide them and other times i just want to show them to people. and they immediately have this story or this connotation of something sinister happening. it’s pretty nuts how that all works.

my surgery was laproscopic, so i have all these small scars… but my ostomy is permanent. permanent scar?

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