Hateful red tape.

24 11 2010

I don’t know what it is about doctors and prescriptions and medical stuff.

But seriously? It shouldn’t be this hard!

I called for new ostomy supplies the other day and apparently my prescription had run out… which I didn’t actually know I had. So I tried calling my gastro and for some reason they won’t write one for me and all of this stuff and basically two doctors and two supply companies later I still don’t have what I need.

They did eventually agree to mail me some until I get it all worked out, but really? I got a prescription but since it didn’t say “Crohn’s disease” on it they won’t use it. So I’m stuck.

Really? Like, I need ostomy supplies. It’s pretty obvious what I’ve got going on. Just run this stuff through my insurance. STAT.

thanks guys.




One response

29 11 2010

It really shouldn’t be hard…but it is. And why can’t the supply company say “hey, you get supplies every 3 months, your prescription runs out in a month, why don’t you start working on that?” Instead of just telling you when you need the supplies RIGHT NOW

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