Merry Christmas…eve!

24 12 2010

I haven’t posted in quite a while.

It’s technically Christmas eve (for the last 18 minutes) and I am wired on multiple glasses of diet Coke and need to surf the web before I can sleep.

I just got home from a dinner with some of my best friends from high school. We went to dinner and exchanged gifts and it was ridiculous. We are so loud.

The other big news is that I GOT A JOB. I’ve been driving back and forth from Illinois to Michigan for the past few weeks going on a couple of interviews and I’ve finally gotten a long-term sub post in a kindergarten classroom. I am so excited, and I’m also a little nervous. But mostly excited 🙂

One thing I’m happy about?? Don’t have to get sick while I’m teaching. NICE. THANKS OSTOMY.

Another thing? I like when my friends are comfortable enough to laugh and make ostomy jokes and ask me questions.

One more thing? It’s not even 2011 yet and I’ve done pretty well in funds for the walk in May. You should do it. The walk is amazing and for a hugely important cause. Are you convinced yet?

I posted a while back about not having hobbies. One thing that I do is quilt and I foolishly decided to make quilts for 3 people for Christmas. I had to sew two today. Bad choice! I loved how they turned out and it was worth it, but man. I have a quilting hangover.

This post is very stream of consciousness. I’ll try and keep it together to say one more thing.

If you are reading this, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I hope you spend time with people you love, laugh until you cry, and eat something that makes you happy. I hope your house is filled with good smells and the world is filled with snow. Merry Christmas, just a little bit early.




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