New beginnings.

17 01 2011

Hello world.

I’ve successfully made the move to Michigan and I’ve finished a week of observation of my classroom. Now I just need to wait for the teacher to go into labor and I will take over!

I have a morning and afternoon class, each with 20 kindergarteners. They are pretty darn cute, and super well trained so hopefully I won’t run into any real problems.

The school that I’m at is pretty incredible- these kids seem advanced to me when compared to the kids that I’ve been tutoring. The teaching staff is experienced and helpful, and I’m hoping that I’ll make a good impression on everyone and they may be able to find me something more permanent, or at least recommend me for something more permanent.

We had a housewarming party this weekend and friends came over and the topic of the ostomy party that I had last year came up. People are pretty pumped about it which makes me feel less ridiculous! I better get working on it. GO GO GO. Not that I’m running out of time- I’m pretty sure it’s not until June? Anyway.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week!




2 responses

7 02 2011

Hey Melissa,
First I wanted to thank you for putting my blog on your blog roll!

Next I wanted to ask, did you move to MI? Cause thats where I Live!! Are you doing Oasis here this year? That would be super rad!

Give me the details!!! Ostomy-on!

7 02 2011

hey girl hey!

i AM in michigan right now… lovely 🙂 last year i did camp oasis in wisconsin but i was planning on going to the ostomy conference in reno this year which is the same week, but looking at the michigan one those dates potentially work! i’ll look into it… camp was super amazing last year so i will check it out!

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