the gift.

26 01 2011

so church this week was really good.

we talked about how life is a gift. how on average, we have 25,550 days to live. and how it’s crazy to take even one of those days for granted.

we talked about how people who have had cancer or near death experiences have that moment where they learn to appreciate every second that they have.

that’s where crohn’s disease and hospitals and all of the pain that goes along with that is a real blessing. you learn to appreciate things. you appreciate days when you feel good. you appreciate the friends and family around you. you notice the gift.

i hope that i can stay feeling pretty good. i also hope that i can remember to take advantage of each day like the gift that it is. and if i forget, i’m willing to deal with a flare to remind me of that again.

hopefully though, i’ll just remember and stay well. 🙂




One response

27 01 2011
Bang Bang Merang

Hey, I was just thinking about this. I died on the operating table when I was kid but I don’t remember my near death experience. Only when my mom has said “we almost lost you.” So sometimes I think not taking life for granted is a lesson easily learned and one easily forgotten. It’s better to remind people of this always. Oh and always say I love you to someone because you never know what your last words to that person are going to be. I love you!

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