two year anniversary/blazing saddles

6 02 2011

it’s weird for me to feel well.

even when i’m having a good day i find myself waiting to be sick.

not the best plan. eventually i will be. i’m just getting over bronchitis. luckily i didn’t have to take any days off work since i had… wait for it… THREE snow days PLUS the weekend. whoa. stellar.

the only bad thing is i’m obviously not paid for those days. hmm… not stellar.

anyway. today i was looking at my scars. which is something i sometimes do, today in particular since it is my two year anniversary since my big surgery.

i found myself looking for the tiny scar from my liver biopsy instead. to this day, i find that procedure more awful than the whole ostomy thing.

if you’ve never had a biopsy, it’s super painful. they didn’t prepare me for that or give me drugs and i had to lay in the recovery area for hours looking at the curtains in extreme pain because they nicked a nerve.

on the other sides of the curtains were people recovering from colonoscopies. in a seriously gassy way. you could hear everything. and one man compared his recovery to this:

So it also really hurts to laugh after one of these things. which i quickly discovered.

And after all of it, we lost our car in the parking garage.

Do i ever want to have one of these again? heck no. but it was an incredibly memorable day. and i think that’s what really matters. when i tell this story i can usually get people rolling on the floor from laughing so hard and it makes being sick so much more relatable to healthy people.

maybe too much info, but what i was thinking about today 🙂




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