Words words words

10 03 2011

Today I feel…


I don’t know what my problem is!

I just got back from working out. Since my move, I’ve worked out like… three times. And they all sucked. I joined a gym but the bikes suck and I kept sliding off the seat and I wanted to die every time I went.

But tonight was the TURNING POINT.

I found the magic bike that my butt stayed on.

I felt like I could have gone an extra half hour.

I was in a good mood when I started, during, and when I ended my workout. THEN there was a good song on the radio on the way home. Could it get any better??

Why yes, it could!

Today I had ENERGY. I couldn’t stop smiling all day at school. My kids were hilarious. We read, “Going on a Bear Hunt” and reenacted it around the classroom. All twenty kids lined up behind me and we recited the book with motions and sound effects and it was fabulous.

I figured out recently that I’ve forgotten to take my iron for a while since I wasn’t using my pillbox. I started taking it again this week and maybe I’m imagining it, but I feel like I’ve already got more energy which ROCKS. Or maybe things are just settling in. It also helped that I haven’t had any drama with my kids’ parents this week which was amazing on many levels.

Anyway. I’m just having a good day. Which is a party.




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