Report Cards.

13 04 2011

I’m doing my first report cards this week. Filling them out. Grading kids. Crazy.

I only have about three weeks left with my job. This whole experience flew by so quickly but it was fabulous. I really needed that confidence boost to reassure myself that I CAN REALLY DO THIS. I can deal with crazy parents and conferences and phone calls and report cards and bronchitis and forty kindergarteners. I can do it.

In other news… I OFFICIALLY got confirmation today that I’m going to be one of the speakers on a panel in the UOAA ostomy conference this summer. This is crazy to me. I’ll be on a panel talking about having an ostomy at school and in the workplace. It’ll be kind of a question and answer set up it sounds like, which is great, and I’m going to be on the panel with Jessica Grossman. Who is that you might ask? Why am I freaked out?

Go here:

This girl is seriously amazing. Like someone who I admired and made me feel better about life before I had my surgery. This is pretty cool.

So I guess it’s a good thing I went with this experience instead of camp this year. I went from just being an attendee to being a speaker.

Life is crazy. And pretty cool. Rock on.

I give it an A.




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