Knock knock Crohn’s.

25 04 2011

If you’re anything like me, you keep being sick to yourself.

When I start feeling my symptoms it’s always a struggle. Do I tell my parents? I should. But they’ll worry! Do I wait until I know it’s worth worrying over? Do I just suck it up?

I haven’t updated recently. Part of that is that struggle in my mind. My parents read this. Do I want to complain about my health in a format that gives them the opportunity to worry more about me.

But, I have been forthcoming. I’ve totally told them everything that goes on. So I have the right to complain!

When I was sick with bronchitis my doctors asked me to delay my Cimzia. It was only a few days, but it was enough to completely throw my body off.

When I start flaring with Crohn’s after this surgery it makes me throw up. I’ve never had that before my surgery so it’s a little weird for me. But now that’s a pretty good indicator for me. Since my shot delay, I’ve been gagging.

I am a RIDICULOUS gagger. Sometimes I gag at school. That’s a bad place to gag.

Other times I throw up. I’m frustrated because I threw up again today. I was hoping that my body was back in it’s rhythm by now, but apparently not so much. Not only did I throw up, but my body had to FORCE itself to throw up. It was just water. I hadn’t eaten in a few hours. What the heck belly? Let’s stop that now ok?

Other than that, life is decent. This is my last week teaching here which makes me super sad. But the experience has been so wonderful. I hate leaving kids. You fall in love with the classroom and the way the day goes. I’m a person that loves routine. The routine of getting up in the morning and grading papers and seeing the same people every day. I like the way kids get excited to tell you something that they did a week ago and how they see things with new eyes.

I like that when I tell a knock-knock joke they laugh their butts off and then make up their own.

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Green who?
Green went up a mountain!




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