27 04 2011

I’m usually pretty positive about this whole having-a-disease thing.

Today my attitude was not in my favor.

After school I called home and cried. I basically regressed to a six year old. I could have been a student in my class.

Then after that I drove to the cute little downtown area all teary-eyed. I went to this little store called Karla’s Place. Someone at work gave me a gift card as a going away gift.

I went in and found these little stuffed owls that an old woman makes. They are freakin adorable. They have personality. She even pins a tag to each and names them.

I am 23 years old. I should no longer be buying stuffed animals.

I bought it. The lady asked if she should wrap it for me. She was under the assumption that this was a gift for a small person. I lied. I told her to wrap it up. I was embarrassed that I’ve regressed to six years old again.

Then I went home and opened it and laid in the fetal position on my futon cradling this owl named Frank and my old stuffed rabbit appropriately named Bunny. I laid like that and called my mom again and tears leaked out and got Frank and Bunny all wet.

I was able to make my way downstairs after that and I seem to be getting myself under control again. I am usually really positive about this whole experience. Some days though, you need to let yourself wallow a little. You need to call your parents and cry. You need to hug Bunny and buy him a friend named Frank even if you are far too old for that nonsense.

Surprisingly, this seems to be helping my Wheel of Fortune game. I’m seriously rocking right now.




One response

27 07 2011

I am 23 years old. I should no longer be buying stuffed animals.

I bought it.

Haha I lol’d so good when I read that!

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