10 05 2011

Being sick truly sucks. But being well is so wonderful.

It’s hard to appreciate how great it is to have energy and do things when you always have energy. After a couple of weeks with no energy I feel like I value every second that I have energy to walk and dance around my house and sing to the radio and bake muffins. I can eat chinese food and salad. Awesome.

I love that my family is so supportive. They take care of me and love me and feed me broth and rub my back when I puke it up.

Things suck when you’re sick. But I just need to remember that God never gives me a situation that I can’t handle. And the way I can handle it all is with the people that God has put in my life. My family and my friends get me through it all and I see God’s work in that. It’s a pretty wonderful thing.




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