Life is

17 05 2011

back to normal.

I go to work. Try to fill my free time. Apply to jobs.

Things all normal 23 year olds do.

My brother is about to start Cimzia. He had a bad reaction to Remicaide in the past, which is a similar medication, so we’re praying that he has no reactions to this. His disease is mostly small bowel and he’s lost a lot of weight lately so this I think will be the kick in the pants his body needs.

Sometimes I think I have a terrible thing happening. I think I have the short end of the stick in terms of my health. But I’ve met so many people who have it worse than I do and who still have wonderful attitudes. They still have hope.

When my hope is lacking I think of them. I think about how although my body may be broken, my spirit doesn’t have to be. Some of the bravest, strongest people I know are people who have trouble living a normal life.

I have a friend with a four year old brother with cancer. This little boy has been through far more than I ever have and he is still a joy.

I met someone at the ostomy conference who needs her second kidney transplant. She is probably the most positive person I have ever met and uses her health struggles to raise awareness.

I know people whose families are broken. Who have suffered abuse.

I have been to one of the poorest places in the country and seen how children have to live in dorms because their parents can’t afford food.

All of these people are inspiring.

They remind me of how lucky I am every day. To have a body that works most of the time. To have a family that is still together. To have good, supportive friends. To be able to eat a meal every day and get my medication without worrying about paying rent.

The weather is starting to get good. I hate summer, but this spring is cool enough for even me to enjoy. I can keep the windows open at night and listen to the wind and the trees and pretend I’m outside. I’m not an outside person but I like the idea of it.

I’ve been blessed with friends who in turn have been blessed with engagements. I’ll be spending this summer frequenting weddings. If you get past the weirdness of being old enough to marry your friends off, it’s kind of a cool experience. I’m a crier. I should buy some Kleenex in advance. I’ll probably forget and have to wipe my face with my arm when nobody is looking.

Life is kind of beautiful.




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