6 06 2011

has arrived.

In all its ungloriousness.

I never understand why people adore this season.

When I think of summer, I think of mosquitoes. And trying to breathe the pea-soup air. And feeling the weight of the sun pushing down on my shoulders.


I much prefer sixty degrees and rainy. I should move to Ireland. Or Seattle. Somewhere cool and cloudy.

Summer brings swimsuits. Oh, the horror. Jessica Grossman from Uncover Ostomy just posted something on how to choose your swimsuit. I bought mine from Vanilla Blush and it has a pocket to support my bag.

I think no matter what I will always hate wearing a swimsuit.

And sunny days. And the 98 degrees that tomorrow will bring.

But there are only a few months left until fall. I can suck it up until then right?




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