I haven’t

25 06 2011

posted in a while.

My life is kind of boring.

I wish I could tell you that I’ve gotten a full time job and that I’ve been traveling the world with no time to post.

But that’s just not true.

I’ve been tutoring and applying for “real” jobs.

It seems like half of my friends are getting married and I’ve been busy with showers and parties and rehearsals and weddings and that craziness.

I’ve been babysitting an almost-teenager twice a week for full days.

I am in Michigan for a wedding tomorrow and I had the opportunity to sit around a bonfire tonight with old friends and meet some new ones.

I love that in a conversation where my disease comes up I can talk about my ostomy. And that I can say I love it.

I love that people ask me where it is because they can’t see it even though I always can.

I love that as much as I complain about wedding season I can enjoy every moment of it without worrying about running to the bathroom and being sick all the time. And that I can be a bridesmaid and do whatever the heck I want and if I don’t want people to know, they don’t have to.

I like to have summer projects. One year I learned to understand baseball on tv and became a White Sox fan. One year I took harmonica lessons with my dad.

This year I want to keep in touch with people in a tangible way. I’m sending postcards. I bought literally hundreds of them and am sending just a few words. Maybe just a thought or a joke, but whatever it is, it’s a way to show people that I’m thinking of them. That they are important to me.

It’s much better than a text or an email or a facebook post. It’s a pretty fun thing to do and see how people react when they have that magical moment of finding something in the mail addressed to them that’s not a bill or something to do. I like it. I’m collecting addresses. If you need a postcard, let me know. I’m on it.

I hope your summer is full of s’mores and ice cream dripping on your feet. I hope you avoid mosquitoes and find full glasses of iced tea with the cold beading moisture all around the edges. I hope you find a good book and a good movie and a good friend to catch up with. That’s what summer is about Charlie Brown.




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