Brother Update

27 07 2011

Hospitals are crazy places.

You sit all day and see a million doctors and answer the same questions a hundred times and the day ends and you still don’t know what’s going to happen to you.

Josh has been seeing doctors and he’s been walking laps and is feeling a little better. The NG tube is hurting his throat so much that he won’t talk- he only writes notes.

The real question is if the blockage will resolve itself in the next couple of days. That would give him more options. They are talking about doing a resection on the place where the blockage is, but he has strictures throughout the rest of his system and they are thinking about doing strictureplasties on those sections. A surgery like that would normally have a recovery time of about a week, but with the activity of his Crohn’s they are thinking of more along the lines of ten days.

So, everything is up in the air for the next few days until we have a course of action. And with everything I’ve learned from Crohn’s I know not to expect anything until it happens. You’ve got to go with the flow and take each challenge as it comes to you. He didn’t even realize he was that sick a couple of days ago- he just thought he had a mild flare.

Just goes to show you. Appreciate your health when you have it. Support all those people around you. And keep your chin up and keep on keepin on.

If you want more info on what these surgeries are like, click here. That’ll take you to the CCFA page. They do a good job of explaining all the different procedures, including the proctocolectomy, what I had. Isn’t it interesting that Josh and I have the same disease and the surgeries they look at for each of us are so radically different?




One response

27 07 2011

Im glad to hear Josh is feeling somewhat better. I completley agree with you about doctors they leave you in the dark so much, almost like we wont understand anything they say to us. Although at least you and your brother have each other through this. I hope he rapidly improves.

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