Brother is rockin.

31 07 2011

So it’s interesting how life works.

When Josh was admitted, they did a CT scan and it was not the scan the doctors wanted. Throughout this whole process they’ve been talking about when his surgery will be and how serious it will be.

A couple of days ago, they did the right CT scan. They found that the stuff they thought was scar tissue was inflammation and that it’s all going down with the IV steroids.

If they hadn’t screwed up in the first place, he would have been going into surgery tomorrow. Now, he’ll be able to leave either tonight or tomorrow. He’s doing really well. He’s eating solid food again and he’s walking enough laps that he gets to about four miles. Four miles! That’s far more than I’ve ever walked while hospitalized.

I’m including an “xray” picture of Josh that we took with my computer today. He’s giving you all a thumbs up because he’s doing awesome and all of you following his story and sending him prayers and good wishes are also awesome.

Thank you everyone!!




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31 07 2011

Just as well they were wrong! Great to hear!!

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