Reno Unmasked.

16 08 2011

Here’s the thing about Reno.

The city is awful. People will probably disagree, I know many people love it. But for someone who doesn’t gamble and doesn’t enjoy cities and likes little places to explore, this isn’t the place to be.

It speaks a lot for the conference that the people attending are so full of joy for the entirety of the week. When you wear your nametag, it’s an invitation for people to start a conversation.

You are more honest with the positives and negatives of your health than you can be normally. As much as I talk about my disease and about my ostomy, it’s amazing how much more I can talk to people who share what I’ve got going on. If I think I’m open, I learn that I can always share more.

There are people who have a common ground with you. It gives you an immediate connection. If you are looking for someone to talk to or connect with about your ostomy, you should think about checking this out. People just put themselves out there in an incredible way.

I had to leave the conference early for an interview, and yesterday I found out that I got the job! I’ll be a part-time teacher aide for a second grade classroom. I’m excited and happy and nervous and just so ready for this.




One response

22 08 2011

Haha you make Reno sound so boring!

And congrats on the interview and getting the job!!

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