Life is different

27 08 2011

with a job.

This week has been exhausting, fulfilling, and exhilarating. I finally have a chance to work in a district for a whole year. I won’t have to leave the kids early- amazing! And although I’m only working for about four-five hours there, my tutoring job keeps me busy commuting and teaching and learning. You’d be surprised how much learning there is for adults.

I’m figuring out what my days will look like. Who I get along with at school. Which kids like me and which ones are a little more hesitant. The teacher I’m working with is fantastic. She’s the kind of person that can corral a whole room of people without raising her voice once. You get disciplined without ever knowing it or ever feeling bad. It’s amazing. I spend a lot of time watching how she works and wanting to take notes.

It’s the end of summer. The weather now is warm, but there’s a certain cool note in the breeze now. It’s killing me. I’m so ready to wear sweatshirts again. My dogs are laying on the floor now with their tongues spooled out across the floor in puddles of drool. If they could sweat, they would. But it’s not warm enough for air conditioning. Conundrum.

This job has suddenly anchored me. Before now I’ve felt like I could teach here or in Michigan at any moment. I’ve felt like it would be bad to put down too many roots just to have to make the move. And even though this is part-time, it gives me a future. It’s a foothold into something that could be, a bigger picture for the next year.

The district I’m working in is lucky enough to be in a high-income area and I’m being exposed to technology and resources I’ve never heard of. I’ve heard that the training meetings are sometimes run by published authors and everyone has incredible opportunities. I’ll learn a lot here. I do think that my passion will bring me to a lower-income district for something long term, but all that I’m learning here will help me be a better teacher in the future.

What I’m saying is I’m thankful. Life is slowly settling into something resembling adulthood. I’ve got a future coming into focus. It’s wonderful and scary and intimidating and I wouldn’t have it any other way.




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