10 09 2011

I’ve been working here for… two weeks now? Maybe? And I’ve already got a cold. Dang.

I know which kid did it, too. He’s been wandering around leaving trails of Kleenex behind him. It used to gross me out, but now I’m doing the same.

The good thing is that it hasn’t kicked my butt yet. I’m still feeling ok, I just sound disgusting. With Cimzia lowering my immune system, I have to be careful. I have to be aware of how the cold is progressing and if it is moving into my lungs. Probably if I don’t feel substantially better today, I’ll need to go get some antibiotics.

I would much rather fight this off on my own power, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. As I’m sitting here writing this I hear my family coughing and sneezing downstairs. I hope I haven’t passed it on already! Fail!

Stay well! Get your flu shot! Wash your hands!




One response

15 09 2011

Ah yes working with kids has that one major drawback, the flu loves kids! and chicken pox!

Hope the jobs good other than that!

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