6 10 2011

The better I feel, the less I have to say about my ostomy. Which is good. But doesn’t give a lot of update material.

What I’ve been doing lately is working with kids constantly. Learning their quirks and listening to their stories and helping them learn.

We’ve been practicing division with buttons. We give them piles of buttons and they murmur excitedly and sift through them with their fingers to find the interesting shapes.

One day I found a button in the pocket of the cardigan I wear almost daily. It fell in during one of our activities and I felt like it belonged. I didn’t want to put it back. I keep it in my pocket and turn it over in my fingers and think of things I’m thankful for and pray. When I’m stressed or feeling cranky, I turn that button over and over until I can look at every kid with calm.

Yesterday one of my students dipped her hand in my pocket without me noticing and held my button up in front of my face. “What is this?” she said, and smiled this lopsided smile. And I thought about how thankful I am every day for that student, and every student, and put the button back in my pocket.

This was kind of an odd story to share, but this is what I love. I want to work with students my whole life. If I had a button for every time I was thankful for one of them, my house would overflow.

And I guess to bring it back to the intent of this blog, I wouldn’t be in this classroom without my ostomy. So when I turn that button over in my hand tomorrow I’ll think of this. And how no matter how much my ostomy talks or how awkward I occasionally feel, those moments are worth more than any of the medical trials I’ve had. I have been incredibly blessed and I hope I’ll never forget that for a moment.




One response

10 10 2011

You should update with stuff like this more often! It was a really good story!

I think everybody should have something similar to your button! So everybody has something to remind themselves to take a step back and look once in awhile.

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