23 10 2011

I’ve been busy lately, working three jobs, doing too much. I’m tired but I’m busy so that’s normal.

My mom does this thing where she looks at me and tells me I’m pale before I know I’m sick. I get dark circles under my eyes but I don’t ever see them. It’s all her.

She told me today that I was pale. And I checked my temperature and I’ve got a fever of 99.7. Which shouldn’t be a big deal except now I have to worry. I have to worry that I’m getting a fever because I’m getting a flare. I don’t take my Cimzia until next weekend so I’ll have to wait it out and see. I have to hope that I have a temperature because I have the flu or pneumonia or something instead of Crohn’s because that would be easier to deal with.

I work all day tomorrow but Tuesday I’ll go in and get some bloodwork done. I’ll get my inflammation markers checked out and my iron levels and see how everything looks. That will either make us all feel better or put us on high alert. We’ll know that either I’m just going to need to tough out a cold or that I’ll need to worry.

Crohn’s is starting to get more press which is great. I’m glad people are starting to take notice of something that gets in the way of so many people’s lives. And for me, when I’m well, it’s so easy to forget what it’s like to worry all the time and be so conscious about everything that happens with my body. And all that can change with a fever. Can you imagine? If you are a well person, can you imagine taking your temperature and having to change your lifestyle until you can get your health under control again?

There was an article the other day, called 11 things not to say to people with Crohn’s or colitis. And people have said all of those things to me. If you aren’t familiar with the disease or what it feels like to have it, pay attention to this. It sucks for us to deal with this, and to have to deal with people telling us that a chiropractor can cure us with grace is difficult. Be aware that people go through things you can never imagine, so be supportive without being offensive.





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23 10 2011
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