This is how I’ll look

29 10 2011

when I kick Crohn’s Disease’s butt.

I know in like, January, I promised I would be better about pictures. And I failed. So how about a quick picture post?

In May, a bunch of us participated in the walk to raise money for CCFA. This one guy went all out and dressed like a colon. Clearly a win.

At the ostomy conference, this girl in the middle created a dress out of ostomy supplies. Insane.

Also, this summer I was a bridesmaid twice (which is incredible to be a part of people’s weddings) and I was healthy the whole time! Yay! So this was my I’m-not-dead-yet face.

So just in case my last few posts have been downers, here’s the proof that I won’t let Crohn’s get me down.




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