10 11 2011

drive me crazy, but they work so well.

As scary as my last update was, you have to understand that the prednisone makes me feel pretty good right now actually. I’m starving constantly which sucks, and I crave weird food. Lately it’s been macaroni and cheese. But I’m eating and my fever is still gone and my energy is up and I’m due for a shot tomorrow so I should be feeling decent for a while.

The problem is, prednisone is meant to be a short term drug. It’s never meant to be used for extensive periods of time. So although it’s hard for people to look at me right now and understand that I’m sick, I really am. I look good. I actually feel good. But the doctor calls steroids a bandaid.

But the good part is that I feel pretty good. So that’s happy news.

I’ve been so lucky. Both of my bosses have been incredibly understanding about me taking time off for all of this. I still can’t believe how many messages of love and support I’ve had from people. You are all beyond amazing.

I’m ready to go to Mayo. Now that I’m feeling a little better, I’m ready to tackle this. It’ll be an adventure. I’m ready to talk out some options here. Bring it on.




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