Now Arriving

16 11 2011

We just got to our hotel. And we are tired.

We drove here in style, listening to a couple of mix cd’s entitled Mayo-naise and Intestinal Fortitude. We followed that with listening to Dracula, read by a British man. Quality.


When we got here I found a surprise in the car. The Front, the ministry I volunteer with at church with junior high

and high school students snuck a bag of goodies in with me, including everything I could possibly need from crochet supplies, a movie, book and magazine, and goodies from my favorite store, Lush. Check this out. Incredible.

Bright and early tomorrow morning, 7.50 to be exact, I have a blood test. We follow that with a doctor appointment at about 9.30 and then they tell us what they want us to do next. We have no idea if they’ll want me to have tests done, but if they do I would guess a CT scan and a scope.

I’ll update tomorrow with anything I learn. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. We all appreciate it so much!




One response

16 11 2011
Michelle Kelley

What an awesome surprise! I’ll be thinking of you as you all plot the best course of action!

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