First doctor appointment accomplished

17 11 2011

and not much else.

They want to do a special CT scan and an endoscopy and ileoscopy. They couldn’t get the CT scheduled until next week so we’ll just do that at home. I have the scopes tomorrow afternoon and then our final doctor meeting at 4.30.

So far everything is as expected. The only big negative so far is that with an ostomy I don’t qualify for any of the clinical trials that they have at Mayo, or likely Chicago. That puts my choices at this point with Tysabri or potentially medication that they prescribe to organ recipients to prevent them from rejecting the donor organ. They don’t want to talk until the tests are done because if the disease is active only in a small portion then surgery is also a potential option.

So right now everything is just up in the air. Mayo is incredible and intimidating as always, but at least I was allowed to eat after a while today. I’ll enjoy my dinner and tomorrow pretty much clear liquids.

What’s weird is that the partial sedation scopes were all booked so I have to go through an anesthesiologist which means I’ll be fully sedated and druggy when I’m finally out. Good thing my dad is here- no promises that I’ll be able to comprehend that last doctor’s appointment at all.

But this should put us on track to come home Saturday morning. So yay! More updates tomorrow I hope, unless I’m too out of it.




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